Indigenous Relations Group

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The Right Honourable Patty Hadju, Minister of Health

The Right Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Services

Dear Madam and Sir,

We are writing on behalf of the Indigenous Relations Group at Roncesvalles United Church in Toronto.  Our group is working to support the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in our community.

We applaud the decision by Health Canada to prioritize isolated Indigenous communities in Canada for COVID vaccines.  Recognizing that these communities are vulnerable and have scant resources to deal with COVID cases is a welcome decision.

We are concerned that vaccine hesitancy may be a problem in these areas where the population has a history of mistrust of government institutions due to historical traumas.  We ask, what steps is the government of Canada taking to ensure respectful and trustworthy delivery of this critical health service?  We urge the government to fund Indigenous leaders to develop a trauma-informed culturally sensitive approach to administering the vaccines in their communities.  We know that there are large populations of Indigenous people in urban areas as well.  Is the government reaching out to Indigenous organizations in urban areas to assist them in developing a culturally sensitive approach to vaccine education and delivery?

We also ask you to take this opportunity through the demands of this pandemic to improve access to basic infrastructure to improve public health in indigenous communities.  Priority must be given to supplying clean drinking water and adequate housing, for healthier communities.  We believe that Canadians support these essential services.

As allies, as concerned Canadians, we look forward to a healthier future for Indigenous people and communities in Canada, during and after this COID crisis.  We look forward to your responses.