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Truth & Reconciliation

On Friday, November 12, a group of twenty students from Bishop Marrocco Catholic Secondary School became our first school group to come to see our  murals by Philip Cote. As art students, they had a special appreciation for the symbolism. And, Rev. Anne shared with them how Philip's work, and in a different way our Not Just Tourists suitcases and boxes and our meal program tables at the front door, are all changing the symbolic narrative of our sanctuary. Designed as a kind of lofty fortress with God as King, all of these new elements tell a story, instead, of God known as love, compassion and connection. The students who came are the same ones who will be painting the shed that will soon be placed in our parking lot as the next stage of our Community Fridge program. I know they left here with a real appreciation for how Roncesvalles United Church is living into our statement that,

"Together, our love will transform the world."

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