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Prayer for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women


Remember your beloved children.

Remember the hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal Women.

Remember your beloved children as we remember you.

Remember us, Creator,

when we come to you with the hope of spring,

seeking love, support, and protection for Aboriginal children.

We know that all children have a right to

          a home that will love them,

          a community that will support their needs,

          and a society that will protect and nurture them.

Yet we also know that many Aboriginal children grieve the loss of their moms and aunties, live in communities that are underserviced, and in a society that is systematically discriminative and oppressive.  

Remember us, Creator,

when we come to you in passion of summer, 

seeking guidance in how to address this national tragedy.

Help us to better understand the root causes of violence against Aboringinal women;

provide energy and stamina to the faithful people and organizations that are working with Aborginal women to seek justice and healing; and ensure that our actions do not add to the further marginalization of Aboriginal women. 

Remember us, Creator,

when we come to you with the mysterious bustle of autimn,

seeking comfort and healing for those most affected.

Nurture and care fo the women who are still missing;

          may they be sustained by love despite the hatred around them.

Gather the women who have been murdered;

          may they fund peace despite the violence that has bound them.

Comfort families and communities of the missing women;

         may they find joy in the memories of their loved ones

         despite the sadness in their hearts.

Remember us, Creator;

when we come to you with the stillness of winter, 

seeking wisdom and peace.

Share with us stories for both past and present,

        so that we can better affect the future with our thoughts, words, and actions.

Restore for us the stories of those women who are missing and who have been murdered,

        so that their memory and legacy will contineu.

Keep us restless until we are all able to find peace.

Remember your beloved children, Creator;

remmber the grandmas, mothers, sisters, aunties, partners, and friends who have been viciously taken from their communities.

remember the faithful who have continually prayed to you 

throughout the seasons and throughout the years, 

an join our prayers with them.

Amen.    (Alydia Smith)

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